Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Fotinski Falls, Fotino village, Rhodope mountain


The "Fotinski" Falls is a beautiful waterfall near the village of Fotinovo, which is located near the towns of Peshtera and Batak. A small but deep river passes through the rocks, forming three falls, the highest of which is about 16 m.

The waterfall itself is hardly accessible, but very beautiful. It can be reached in about 1 hour of walking. From the Fotinovo village (in the lower part, where the mosque is) starts a road that follows the river. At first the river is on the right, but after 20 minutes a bridge must be passed and the river changes sides. There is a small pavilion on the way. Once the river has remained on the left continue on the path that climbs up and the river remains in the ravine.

Tourists should be looking for a small area on the left of the road where the rocks are visible - there, at the foot of the rocks, is the waterfall. The sound of the falling water can be used as a guide. From this small deviation a trail descends to the valley (there are white markings on some trees), which crosses the river and continues up on the other slope where a fine view of the waterfall bursts upon.

The Fotinovo Village is located in northwestern Rhodope Mountains east of Batashki snejnik, 1100 m above the sea level, on both sides of the Fotinska River, 10 km from the new neighborhood, about 24 km from Batak.