Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Bela voda", Stakevtsi village, Belogradchik

Photos from Tihomir Mladenov:



The "Bela Voda" (White Water) waterfall is located on the Stakevska River in the north-western Balkan Mountains, near the village of Stakevtsi, Belogradchik district. The waterfall height is about 15 meters and is located in a beautiful area. It is a designated landmark and is included in the longest itinerary in the Western Balkans.

The waterfall can be reached very easily - pass through the village Stakevtsi on the main road that continues up the mountain. On the right side of the road after the village you will find informational signs about the flora and fauna in the area. After about 500 meters up the road you will reach a junction where on the left side you will see a sign with a white bird on a red background indicating "protected area" as well as red and white markings on the trees. The waterfall is located in the gorge and you can get down to it on a steep path.

The road is relatively good and by careful driving you can get to the actual place of the waterfall with your car. From the village to the waterfall by foot is approximately 30 min easy walk. There are other small waterfalls in the area too.