Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Your guide to the picturesque places in BULGARIA!

The only book of its kind with photographs and detailed information about the waterfalls in Bulgaria!

You will find in the book:  

  • Routes describing in detail how to reach them;
  • GPS coordinates;
  • Fascinating places and places of interest in the vicinity of the waterfalls;
  • 40 more waterfalls that are less known, plus some information about them;
  • Information about the altitude and the most suitable time of the year for visiting the waterfalls;
  • More than 300 unique photographs by Bulgarian landscape photographers;
  • Details about the accessibility of the waterfalls, the level of difficulty of the route, and the flora and fauna in the region;
  • The greatest mystery of the waterfalls – find out what it is.
  • Information about eco-paths;
  • How to take pictures of waterfalls – practical tips;
  • Short interviews with some of the best landscape photographers in Bulgaria!
  • Useful Internet sites about tourism and landscape photography.

Have a look before you order:

Publisher: Bico Bulgaria
Author: Ivo Nikolov
Category:  Tourist guide
Language: English
Number of pages:
248 pages, high quality full colour print
High quality soft cover
Size: 16x23 см


More reader's comments:

"I wouldn’t lie if I say that the "Photo Guidebook of Bulgarian Waterfalls" made my summer meanigful. Your work, time and effort, the photographs and most of all the result, which I hold in my hands, is magnificent. Ivo, you have done a great job. It’s a pleasure to own that book, which keeps changing hands in the editorial office of “TEMA”. It’s obvious that our adventures are about to begin..."

Elitsa Dimova, editor of “TEMA” magazine

"Your photo album is great! Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve just got obsessed with waterfalls. While turning the pages, you’ve got the feeling that you’re already using the guidebook, chilling out on a hot summer day... I find the idea of giving tips on how to take pictures of nature a great one. The design is up to European standards; you can apply for an award at the Association of the Bulgarian Book."

Mila Vacheva, head of “Culture” department, The 24 Hours daily

"Hello, Ivo! Congratulations on the book! It is really an invaluable guide for people like me, who like hiking in the mountains any time they are free. I have seen and admired some of the described waterfalls “in real”, but I haven’t discovered many of them yet – your book will help me enjoy their beauty and grandeur. I have visited the site, which I like a lot, but the book is something completely different – you can turn its pages and carry it around any time."

Vili Semerdzhieva, "Culture" department, The DUMA daily, Sofia

"Hello! Your book is awesome!!! I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your work and for making it available for us! I had high expectations, I read readers’ comments and yet, the book exceeded my expectations!

I had been thinking of buying it since it was released but I couldn’t spare the money. I was close to putting off buying the book again, but...now I am thinking of showing and recommending it to as many people as I can because it’s worth finding its place on anybody’s bookshelf. I have even bound it because I keep it in my car; any time I feel exhausted or overloaded, I turn its pages and find myself in another world!

Thank you once again! The map of the 200 tourist sites is a wonderful gift! I have read that the waterfalls are a special experience of yours but I do hope you find a new one and design another guidebook of Bulgaria! Congratulations to the author and the whole team"

Borislava Vasileva, Plovdiv

"Hello, I would like to thank you for the great book. I loved it and I would like to ask you to keep me informed if you publish another book. Thank you!"

Zvezdelina Stoyanova, Varna

"Hello, I have received the book – it’s gorgeous! Everybody needs to have such a book at home! I keep urging people who are still wondering whether to buy it to do so as they will never regret it. Complete and fascinating information about the beauty of Bulgarian waterfalls! Congratulations on the author’s idea and its realisation!"

Kameliya Dzhudzheva, Suedinenie

"Hello, I received the book. I admit having had high expectations but I was astounded that the book exceeded them. Thank you! For almost 10 years my wife and I have been on many trips around our country in search of natural and historical marvels. Naturally, waterfalls are among our favourite ones."

Viktor Kuzmanov, Smilyan
"Hello again, Ivo. Thank you for the book, there were no problems with the delivery. All my expectations have been met, the photographs are astonishing and beautiful, and the way in which you provide the information appeals to me a lot :) It sounds as if you are giving instructions to someone who has almost finished packing their rucksack and is on the verge of setting off how and where to go and what to see :)
Thank you and all the best."
Yana Georgieva, Veliko Turnovo
"Dear Mr. Nikolov, I have received the book; it’s great! Thanks for the quick delivery. I hope I will start using the book soon!"

Ivanka Treneva, Sofia


I have received the book. I can’t express my delight. I have been looking at it for 3 hours and I feel hypnotized by the photographs – they are unique! The description matches the photographs – everything is well explained. While reading some of the descriptions, I felt as if I was walking by the small river in search of an amazing waterfall.

I am very satisfied with the chapter on how to take unique pictures. I am a non-professional photographer (I take pictures for pleasure and to keep some memories from the places I have visited and I keep carrying a "soap-box" camera as it is compact and light and has some relatively good characteristics) and some subtleties are, of course, unclear to me. The tips and the photographs in the book (with the WOW effect!!!") have made me seriously consider buying a professional camera, along with my "soap-box", so as to be able to take, or try to take, at least half as beautiful pictures.

I am glad that there is such a book and that it is part of my home library. It will naturally be one of the first things in my car when I set off on a trip. I definitely agree with the opinion that the book can be a wonderful gift for anybody who likes travelling and who appreciates the beauty of nature. I do recommend it to everybody, it’s amazing indeed!

Best wishes for many more visits to the waterfalls, and not just to them; there are many marvellous places in Bulgaria that are worth visiting. Have a nice weather and take care while you are on a trip."

eng. Lyubka Kamenova, Burgas

"I’ve got the book. I am really thankful for the excellent Gift that I hold in my hands. The guidebook not only reveals some of the natural beauty of Bulgaria but it also inspires you to rise to the challenge; a challenge for you, for your innermost “I”, which keeps searching, rediscovering and developing, which experiences newer and newer emotions! Your wonderful book deserves admiration! THANKS!"

Dilyana Davidova, Plovdiv
"Hello! I have received your book today and it completely meets my expectations. I would like to express my gratitude for the beautiful selection of photographs and the information provided. I hope the book will help me organise some exciting and unforgettable trips. Have a nice day! "

Ivelina Stoyanova, Yakoruda

"Hello! I would like to express my sincere admiration in connection with your book as well as respect for the hard work you have invested in it so that we, the ordinary readers or passionate hikers, can hold it in our hands. I am positive that there are many more people who are equally thankful and appreciative. Keep up making us happy!"

Donika Nikolova, Stara Zagora

"Dear Mr. Nikolov, you have generated much of the beauty of our nature in this photo album and guidebook. Your followers – the photographers – have helped a lot for the presentation of the Bulgarian waterfalls. The book is of an exceptionally high quality! As a year-long high-mountain hiker, I will present your book to my friends and acquaintances as well as to tourists and amateur photographers.Congratulations on a job well done. I was really thrilled when I opened the package and saw the book!"
Dr. Stefan Nedyalkov, Pazardzhik

"Hello, I have received both the book and the map. Thank you for the quick delivery. The photos are unique. We have already seen some of the waterfalls and we will definitely see the rest. The information in the book can help us on our trips. Thank you. Have a nice day and I hope you will have new ideas of popularizing the wonderful natural sights in our country."

Emiliya Ivanova, Sofia

"Dear Mr. Nikolov, I have received the ordered book today and I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful edition. Your friends and you have created an incredible guidebook, for which I thank you a lot. The photographs are really very beautiful and attractive. Thank you for the tips on how to take quality photographs. I wish all the success to the whole team that has created this unique book about the beautiful waterfalls in Bulgaria!"

Svetoslava Uzunyan, Sofia

"Hello! Congratulations on the idea to create a book about Bulgarian waterfalls and most of all on your will to realise that idea! Many people have good ideas but few are able to turn them into something real, beautiful and useful, as your book is. Keep up working with the same enthusiasm! You have lots of friends and followers."

Milen Angelov, Sofia

"Thank you wholeheartedly for the beautiful edition, for what the book that I hold in my hands contains. I hope to make use of the detailed information in real! All the best and take care!

Maya Georgieva, Sofia

"Hello, I have received the book today and I would like to thank you. The book is great; keep up working like that!!!"

Marian Stoilov, village of Yoakim Gruevo

"Hello, I have bought your book "Photo Guidebook of Bulgarian Waterfalls" and I am deeply impressed by the hard work that stands behind it! Thank you!!! I wish all the success in both personal and professional aspect to the whole team!"

Krasimir Simeonov, Sofia

"Hello, I have received the book and I can only say: It’s awesome! Congratulations on your work and let’s hope that more and more people will be able to see the beauty that you have revealed. I wish you all the success."

Silviya Simeonova, Sofia

"Thank you for the beautiful book about nature’s beauty in Bulgaria! You should consider an edition in English so that foreigners could also enjoy and see that beauty. Best regards from Svishtov!"

Todor Arazov, Svishtov

"Hello! Thank you for the delivery of the book. Congratulations on the marvellous book. It is exceptionally pleasant to read for all the lovers of tourism and of beautiful sights."

Neli Nenkova, Sofia

"Hello, I received the book and the map of tourist sites on time and without any problems. The book is really great. The photographs, information and everything else seem to have been done with love and professionalism. The map will also be very useful for us :)
Thanks and all the best!"

Miroslava Panayotova, Sofia

"A wonderful book, which is just another proof of our unique nature. A very useful guidebook for any traveller! Thank you for the opportunity to touch those beautiful spots in Bulgaria!!!"

Ralitsa Senkova, Sofia

"Congratulations to the author - Ivo Nikolov! For the sake of truth I have not expected it to be such an interesting book. There is lots of useful and fascinating information about the waterfalls."

Bilgin Asanov, village of Borino, the Rhodopes

"Thank you for the lovely book, created by you and your team. I received it yesterday and by night I had read it. I am fascinated by the illustration and the way in which the information about the waterfalls has been presented. I am positive that I will see most of these places in real. Thank you once again for the pleasure you have given to us, the readers."
Dr. V. Paterkova, Plovdiv

"I am impressed! A brilliant result achieved by your team. Bulgaria needs people like you! Let’s hope to keep that beauty for our children! All the best!"

Dmitriy Subev, Varna

"Hello, Yesterday I received your guide to Bulgarian waterfalls. Thank you for the quick delivery. The book is lovely. Congratulations on the idea to publish additional information about the places of interest near the waterfalls.
I have visited some of the waterfalls and I like taking pictures; I am really impressed by the unique photographs published in the book. Thanks to the guidebook I already have an idea where to go with my friends and family for every single weekend."

Diana Kostadinova, Sofia

"Dear Ivo Nikolov! Congratulations on the marvellous book and the unique photographs. I would like to thank you and your team for the pleasure you have given me. I have ordered a second copy to bring some joy to my friends with this beauty too. I wish you all the success in your future plans!"

Emiliya Georgieva, Sofia
"Hello, I received the book today. Thank you! First of all, I would like to say that I was really impressed by its high quality. I would have paid more for a hard cover copy. The book deserves it. The mastership behind the photographs and the really useful and concise information have made it immediately one of my favourite books and it will definitely be one of the most used ones.

The tips on how to take pictures, the interviews with photographers, the sites for landscape photography and tourism in Bulgaria are a wonderful addition, just like the information about the healing power of waterfalls and the extremely important information about safety precautions. I would like to thank you once again for the book and for the gift – the map of the 200 tourist sites in Bulgaria."
Dimitur Dalev, Sofia
"Hello, I have just received the book and I can say that I have been pleasantly surprised!
The book contains wonderful photographs and lots of useful information on how to find these unique spots in Bulgaria. I have realised again what amazing nature we have, which, unfortunately, only few people appreciate. Thank you for the effort you have made to create this guidebook, which can take us to these unique places in our country!"

Lazarina Bozhinova, Sofia

"Hello, Ivo! The book is great and it gives us unbelievable ideas of walks and having a rest in nature. Thank you and the people who gave it to me; it has been a wonderful present. I hope it reaches the homes of many Bulgarians because our country is beautiful and it has magic places, which magicians like you unveil and popularize, and that is awesome :) I wish you all the success!"

Svetlana Dachkova, Varna
"Dear boy, I am 62, I like water and waterfalls and nature as a whole. Your book is great! My husband and I will try to visit as many of the waterfalls as possible, if all goes well. We’ve already seen Slivodolski waterfall, Raiski waterfall, Karlovski waterfall, Polska Skakavitsa, Rilska Skakavitsa, and the Devil’s Throat in Trigrad. There are other waterfalls too that I cannot remember now. Today I have received the 3 books I have ordered – for us and for my children’s families. I have ordered 3 more copies for gifts for friends who love nature. I hope you will publish other successful books in the future!"

Danka Kostova, Plovdiv
"Dear Ivo Nikolov. Congratulations on the most beautiful book you have created! I am a teacher, but I cannot describe my delight with the book’s contents and design!"

Velichka Dimitrova, Sofia

"Hello! I am writing to thank you; I have received the book and looked at it, congratulations! It is a book that takes the reader right to each and every one of these marvellous natural sights and makes him dream of getting there for real! Thank you!
I wish you all the success!"

Ognyana Sokolova, Sofia

"Thank you for the book that I have received; congratulations – I loved it at first sight; I’ll start reading it in detail soon. Your work has been hard but worthwhile! Congratulations!"

A. Hristova, Sofia

"A lovely photo album and a true guide! Everything is perfect. I am happy that I can hold it in my hands and turn the pages many times! Thank you for that source of ideas for life-giving walks and revelations in Nature!"

Maria Andreeva, Sofia

"I have received your book. Thank you for delivering it so quickly...I have visited 1/3 of these waterfalls, but I would love to visit those unknown ones...The book looks great. I’ll read it with pleasure...I hope you will rise to the next challenges..."

Arseniya Ivanova, Sofia

"Hello, Thank you for the quick delivery. I received the book on the date agreed. I am really impressed by the contents! Part of the information about the waterfalls was really useful for our walks during our short holiday. The information is absolutely precise. Thank you! I hope you publish other books with similar contents!"

M. Todorova, Yambol

"Hello, I have received the book today! My first impressions are great! Awesome photos and good descriptions! I look forward to finishing work so as to begin reading and visiting those places! Congratulations!"

Hristo Atanasov, Sofia

"Dear Mr. Nikolov! I have just received the book and I can’t describe my amazement when I opened the parcel. It is one thing looking at part of this gorgeous edition on the computer screen and a completely different one when you hold that little treasure in your hands. Congratulations! A beautiful edition, an exquisite and stylish design! Thank you. I wish you all the success!"

Elitsa Terziyska, Sofia

"Dear Mr. Nikolov, Thank you for the interesting book. I received it today and I was eager to look at it. I can only say that I have been pleasantly surprised – the book is greater than I have expected. I am definite that you will make many people turn to nature and visit these marvellous water phenomena. I envy you for “the hundreds of walks” you have had to these natural places of interest. I have recently become a hiker and I hope I will have the opportunity to visit most of the waterfalls shown in your book. Thank you. I wish all the success to you and to the team that has created this marvellous book."

Vera Krusteva, Sofia

“Hello! I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful book! I ordered it on the Internet last week and I'm very pleased with the purchase! I showed it to some friends and colleagues, and they were impressed too! Me and my family like travelling around Bulgaria a lot because Bulgarian nature is magnificent and we particularly like waterfalls. When I was looking through the book, I realised that we had visited quite a few of the places but we hadn't known that there were waterfalls so close, which we could have seen! So your book will be of great use to us in our future excursions!
I wish you lots of success and I hope you will write many more useful and lovely books!“

Mary Stoeva, Varna

“The book is splendid!!! I've already visited two of the waterfalls. The descriptions are accurate and the photographs reveal their natural beauty and urge the reader to set off on a trip!!! I Congratulations. I wish you all the success.“

Zhulieta Todorova, Ruse

“Dear Mr. Nikolov! I've ordered the book “ Photo Guidebook of Bulgarian Waterfalls“ and I'm really fascinated. It's gorgeous! It looks absolutely wonderful and is written with so much love and painstaking attention to every detail. THANK YOU! You've invested a lot of effort but it's been well worth it. I wish you hundreds returns of all the positive energy you've sent to the readers through your book! Let it inspire you for new undertakings! As for me, I've already made plans for my holidays for months ahead. :) The book arrived promptly with a gift map and a discount. It was such a nice surprise! It's been a pleasure to work with you!“

Kalinka Buchvarova, Sofia

„Dear Mr Nikolov! Thank you for the great book and for the wonderful places of natural beauty that you've shown in the photographs. In this way quite a few people will see the unsurpassed beauty of our country. Even though they'll do that through your book, they'll enjoy it nonetheless because the book is something truly beautiful, something created for our dear Motherland. I'm the kind of person who adores mountains, rivers and mountain lakes despite living in Varna. Mountains give me a chance to recharge my batteries really quickly. Our country is naturally endowed with a lot of beautiful places. It's only up to us, people, to appreciate them. I wish you all the success!“

Todorka Dimitrova, village of Ezerovo

“Hello Ivo! I bought the book as soon as it came out and since then it has been my inseparable companion not only during my real tours but also the imaginary ones. :)
As you keep asking about our impressions of your book, here they are:
•    it's a wonderful present : everybody can find something for themselves in it;
•    although there's a site, the book is extremely useful with all its travel information sections.
•    it gives numerous ideas for short and long-distance trips, as well as a lot of useful tips.
In fact, when I decide to travel somewhere, and I often do that (every week), I look through your book first to see if there's something to visit in the region :). I'm going to follow the development of your project and the process of enriching the site with great interest. :)
Keep creating such great books :) I hope you will have more and more followers  and a lot of inspiration! :)”

Galya Georgieva, Sofia

“Dear Mr Nikolov! Thank you for giving me a chance to see this not so familiar aspect of our unique Bulgarian nature. I ordered the book “Waterfalls in Bulgaria” last week. Apart from the fact that it is an extremely useful reading for everybody who wishes to enjoy Bulgarian nature, it is an unforgettable book, which, I believe, makes the heart of every Bulgarian throb. I wish you success and we're looking forward to your next books!”

Doroteya Lukanova, Sofia

“Dear Ivo, I got your book yesterday and would like to THANK YOU. I'm grateful for the map too! I've already started planning my next holiday. It's an absolutely marvelous book, which filled me with great admiration for your work. All the best to you and to the whole team!”

Nelly Dramalieva, Sweden

“Dear Ivo, Thank you very much for the present, I mean, the map that you've sent me. :) The book is perfect! I can clearly see how much effort and work you devoted to it and I highly respect that! I would like you to accept my most sincere admiration for your effort and the excellent result! I hope you will be as perfect in the future and I would like to assure you that your efforts will always be appreciated by the people who matter! I express my gratitude and with all my heart congratulate you on your success!”

Silviya Stefanova, Ruse

Hello, I received the guidebook today. It's unique! It's a book that is definitely a must for every Bulgarian home so as to make us feel proud of the magnificent nature we have! Congratulations!!! Thanks to the whole team for the effort you've made. The photographs are amazing and the information is very useful and detailed. I've already started making plans where to go on my next holiday. I wish you all the success!”

Svetla Ivanova, Sofia

“I ordered the book more than a month ago and I received it soon afterwards. I'm delighted! Thanks a lot for the extremely beautiful photographs and the invaluable information I found in the book! During our holiday this year me and my family visited five of the places described in the book.”

Margarita Todorova, Yambol

Dear Mr Nikolov, I received your incredible book about the waterfalls in Bulgaria several minutes ago and I can't wait to express my admiration! I'm extremely grateful to you! It's a remarkable and unique book! I highly recommend it to all nature lovers!

Dimitar Dimitrov, Sofia

Hello, I have got your book today and I have to admit it exceeded all my expectations – it's incredible! My daughter is fascinated! She keeps looking at the book and the map and is planning itineraries for our holidays! Thank you!

Snezhanka Aleksieva, Berkovitsa

Thank you for your prompt delivery! We received the book and the map on time. You thank us for our trust in the accompanying letter. We're the ones to be thankful! The book is lovely and it's evident that you and your friends have worked with so much love and inspiration. It's clear that you appreciate Bulgarian water phenomena. You give us not only information about them but also inspiration to visit them. However, let's hope that all of us who will visit the places will leave them in the state in which we can see them in your wonderful photographs! I wish you all the best!

The Karovs, Sofia

Dear Mr Nikolov,I received your book and would like to thank you. Congratulations on the idea of creating such a unique and magnificent book, which has definitely required hard work, but which has turned out to be extremely useful for us, the readers. The quality of the printing is also very high. I wish you all the success and I hope you will fill in all the niches with such wonderful books!

Krasimira Stambolieva, Sofia

Hello, I am impressed by your work and looking through your book has given me a real pleasure. As you put it yourself, it's not just a book, but a collection of ideas for me, my family and my friends. Congratulations! It's evident that you've dedicated a lot of work, but you and your colleagues have worked with great enthusiasm, which you pass on to the reader. It has been a lovely present for my birthday.
You're incredible!

Emiliya Lazarova, Sofia

Hello, Thanks to the guidebook of Bulgarian waterfalls my friends and I have found some extraordinarily beautiful and relaxing places, not only waterfalls but also other sights, which we have passed by on our way to some destinations from the guidebook. I can share that reading the book has provoked my longing for travelling as well as my desire to visit as many as possible sights of interest in Bulgaria.

Venelin Ivanov, Ruse

Dear Mr. Nikolov, I received your book Photo Guidebook of Bulgarian Waterfalls, opened it immediately and was...  DELIGHTED and SPELLBOUND! Your book is extraordinary and magnificent. It makes an ideal present for anybody who loves nature, beauty and Bulgaria. That's why I immediately ordered one more copy of it.
Congratulations on your success! I admire you for the effort you've made, for your love of nature, our country and its natural beauty.

B. Toushek, Sofia

Hello, I got the book and the map. I would like to thank you for the wonderful design of the book. I bought it as a birthday present for my father, who is a keen mountaineer and traveller. I'm pleased with the purchase and it has been an excellent idea to order this travel guide for him!

Antoaneta Hristova, Sofia

Thank you for the prompt reply! The book is lovely and I hope it will bring me a lot of pleasant experiences while visiting these magic places. Good luck!

Evgeni Vladimirov, Varna

Dear Mr. Nikolov, I ordered your book and I liked it a lot. The photographs are splendid! I'm extremely impressed! I'm a tourist and a keen mountaineer by nature, so I'll use it as a wonderful travel guide one day. I congratulate you on your book and wish you all the success!

Maria Subeva, Ruse

Congratulations on the wonderfully written and designed Photo Guidebook of Bulgarian Waterfalls! I'm grateful for the pleasure you gave me to own and to read it! I wish you all the success and I hope you will keep introducing us to our wonderful country, as we love Bulgaria too.
Simeonka Malinova, Plovdiv

Hello, Thank you for the quick delivery and for the lovely book.

Iren Nestorova, Sofia

Hello, I have received the Photo Guidebook of Bulgarian Waterfalls today. Thank you for the quick delivery. I can only say - a unique book!!!

Elena Batanova, Provadiya

Hello Ivo, I've already got the book and it's truly remarkable! I would like to thank you and all the rest involved in writing it! I wish you success and hope you will soon surprise us by writing another book about other places of natural beauty in Bulgaria.

Todorin Sivov. Sofia

Hello, Thank you for the quick delivery. I haven't come across such an extraordinary book for a long time. Firstly, I was truly impressed by the photographs and description. Secondly, the final product is of very high-quality paper and print. The book is a useful handbook for young and old alike, for everybody who wants to get to know our beautiful Bulgaria; it also makes a wonderful guide while visiting the places. The map is lovely too. I wish you all the success and I hope you have other brilliant ideas and will write new books dedicated to the historical sights and magnificent nature of Bulgaria.

Rumyana Kostova, Sofia

Hello, I've always been fascinated to the natural beauty of waterfalls. I'm already at an age when I wouldn't be able to visit them. But with your book I will be able to travel, at least in my mind. The photographs and the text are lovely, which makes the book an original present too. I wish you all the best!

Y. Todorova, Sofia

Hello! I have received your book today - it's unique and has beautiful photographs, just like nature in Bulgaria, actually. The photographs are absolutely incredible! Congratulations on the hard work and will that you have invested in creating the book! I wish you all the best and I hope you will realise some other projects of such a high standard!

Yanka Zhelyazkova, Sofia

Readers’ comments:


"Hello, I’ve just got your book. I can’t tell you how happy I am. It is really fascinating, with amazing pictures and interesting information about beautiful, nestled, Bulgarian places. I can’t wait to visit all of them :) I was really pleased with the map I received as a gift! Thank you very much and I want to congratulate you on your product! It is definitely a marvelous gift for friends and relatives. All the best!"

Mariela Tsekova, Sofia

"Hello, I received the guidebook of Bulgarian waterfalls a couple of days ago. I would like to express my gratitude and admiration in relation to this book, which is unique on the Bulgarian market. The print is of exceptionally high quality and the photographs speak for themselves. I myself am involved in photography and I find this book to be a real source of inspiration, and some useful guidance. Thank you for the pleasure it has given me and I wish you all the success in your future projects."

Angel Angelov, Sofia

"I received the book and you just can’t imagine my happiness; I am really thankful for what you have created...The book is unique! Last Sunday my family and I visited Slivodolsko padalo; next Sunday we are setting off to Ustinski waterfall. We have started to follow the guidebook by visiting the waterfalls that are closest to us. Thank you wholeheartedly. Take care and keep producing such beautiful things!!!"

Botevs family, Plovdiv

"Hello! The quality of the book is seen in the attitude to it; the packing itself showed attention, intelligence and love towards the final product. I am absolutely delighted – Please, consider me a repeat customer in case of future editions on similar topics!" Keep me informed."

Krasimir Kostadinov, Dobrich

Hello, Thank you for the marvelous book, the idea behind its creation is great! A lot of effort and love have definitely been invested in it. Now we can easily plan and organise our trips and walks in the mountains; we have already picked our next routes. After looking through the book, we have realised that many a time we have been close to some of these incredible waterfalls without even being aware of their existence. On some of the pages we have found interesting information about places that we have already visited. What we like most are the additional materials. An incredible book indeed! Best wishes for a marvelous summer and future success!"

Ivelina Chakurova, Ruse

"Dear Ivo Nikolov! We have just received your book. It is a worthwhile and time-consuming undertaking, done with a lot of love. Congratulations. We keep visiting those sacred temples of nature – the waterfalls, which you inspired us to do more than a year ago. Thanks a lot!"
Tsvetanka Elenkova, Sofia
"Hello, a great book! I received my "Photo Guidebook to Bulgarian Waterfalls" about ten days ago; I am really happy that there is such a book about Bulgaria too. Well designed and well done! I have had the intention of visiting such places for several years. Congratulations on the terrific result and I would like to express my admiration regarding the effort and enthusiasm of all those that contributed to its creation."

Lyubo Vasilev, Sofia

"Hello! I would like to thank you for receiving the second book I ordered so quickly. In February the book was for me, and now I have ordered it for a gift. The information in the book is precise and exhaustive and the photos are magnificent. Your idea to include short interviews with the authors of the photographs is brilliant. Even a “photographer” like me, “clicking” on her camera for pleasure, has learned some useful things about photographic techniques. I would like to thank you once again and to wish you all the success, because I am sure you will not stop here."

Yuliya Halacheva

"Hello! Congratulations on this amazing book! This is the only one of its kind photo guidebook, whose creation has definitely required lots of hard work. Thank you for the original idea! A beautiful little gem!"

Violeta Karakoleva, Sofia

"Hello! Thank you for the book; it’s really gorgeous and the map is a great supplement! I will use them purposefully; I will wait a bit more until it gets greener."

Asen Stanev, Sofia

"Dear, Mr. Nikolov, Yesterday I received the photo guidebook and went through it “at a go”. Congratulations on your enthusiasm, all the effort and the marvellous result! All the photographs are more than inspiring, the information is useful and the design is both aesthetical and practical."

Iglika Ignatova, Varna

"Hello, I’ve got your book! We are delighted by the information and the photos! Thank you for the wonderful way of presenting the beauty of our country! We wish you success with your future editions!"

Radka Durmonska, Plovdiv

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