Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Boyanski Waterfall , Vitosha Mountain near Sofia city

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"Boyana Waterfall" is the name of the Boyana River, located near the city of Sofia, 5 km from the centre of Boyana. It is the biggest waterfall on the territory of the Vitosha Mountain.  The water drops from 20 m.

In clear spring days the "Boyana' waterfall can be seen from downtown. During the snow melting in the higher parts of the Vitosha mountain, it is in its highest water and its turbulent sprays glitter among the forest.

The waterfall can be reached from three main paths. The easiest is from the "Kopitoto". Depending on the pace, a walk around in this the picturesque place lasts about an hour and a half, for most of the trail is smooth. More difficult is just the last stretch, which leads to the waterfall - rough, rocky terrain, which descends steeply to the top of the waterfall.

The other two paths begin at the end of Boyana from a designated path beginning from the last buildings in the area above the Boyana Church. The first climbs steeply upstream of the Boyana river and is green-white marked, while the second is gradually gaining height, passing near the Boyansko Lake.

GPS:  lat=42.6294 / lon=23.2544

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