Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Chesnensko usoe", Rila mountain

Yakoruda waterfall

Waterfall near Yakoruda, Rila mountain

Yakoruda vodopad

Photos by: Nikolay Stanoev

Беседката зад която започва пътеката за водопада

Photo by: Mihail Todorov


Waterfall "Chesnensko usoe" or also known as "Yakoruda waterfalls" is nice, 15m waterfall on river "Chesna" in the area of Yakoruda city, Rila mountain. Below the main 15m waterfall there are 4-5 small water cascades with relative height of 5-10m.

To reach this waterfall: you have to drive 7-8km by car along the road to the Treshtenik resort. The trail starts behind the wooden structure (see the last photo). The trail leads to one of the first small cascades on the river. Than you have to continue near the river ( there is no path ) and you will reach the highest 15m waterfall "Chesnensko usoe".

Relative GPS coordinates: Lat: 42° 2'56.66" / lon:  23°39'57.11"