Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Chiprovski waterfall, Chiprovtsi city


The "Chiprovtsi" waterfall - very beautiful, 18 - meter waterfall located in the Chiprovtsi land. You can get there taking the ecopath "Demyanitsa", which starts from a crumbled asphalt road at the outskirts of the town. To find the road, you`d better ask the locals.

The ecopath begins with a cart-road gradually climbing to the mountain forests. Signs are placed at key points, indicating the direction of the waterfall. It takes about 1.30 hours to the waterfall in one direction as the upper part of the trail runs along the "Stara Reka (Old River)" valley and is quite steep.

Other landmarks and sites in the area:

The Chiprovtsi monastery "Sveti Ivan Rilski" is located  5 km northeast of the city. It was burned and rebuild six times during the Ottoman oppression. 20 km northeast of the “Chiprovtsi” is the Lopushanski monastery "Sveti Joan Predtecha " with its  unique icons, painted by  famous  iconographers.