Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Водопади "Дяволски води", с. Пастра, Рила


"Diavolski Vodi" (The Devil's Water) is a cascading waterfall, which is located on the slopes of Rila Mountain near the village of Pastra. The cascade starts from the beginning of the slope and after a series of falls, flows into the Rila River.

Because of the steep slopes, the waterfalls are not easily accessible. There is a barely visible path that goes round all of them, but climbing it is quite difficult and also dangerous at places.

Opposite the slope with the waterfall is the "Diavolski Vodi" (Devil Water) inn, which offers delicious meals and is a pleasant place for recreation.

The "Pastra" Village is located on the way to the Rila Monastery, after the village of Rila.