Waterfalls in Bulgaria

"Haidushki" Waterfalls, Berkovitsa city


The “Haidushki” waterfalls are located in the exceptionally beautiful valley of the "Goliama" River ( Big River),  9 km from the city of Berkovitsa, where the waters of the rivers "Tsenkova", "Slivashka"  and "Sredna bara" merge.

Flowing boisterously, here they take become placid, running slowly, just to rush suddenly and uproariously back at the rocks and jumping between the cracks, broken into white foam, to reunite and force their way to the city. The beauty of this place is beyond any depiction.  The subdued green match in perfect harmony the silver colored lichen and dark rocks.

Down in the waterfalls, you feel as if you were somewhere mysterious and magical. Massive wooded walls rise up and leave little sky visible, but down deep silence reigns, broken only by the crashing water.

To reach the waterfalls after entering the town turn right round the OMV petrol station, continue down the road and at the end turn left (the railway crossing remains on the right). Continue up the road, following the complex COM signs and on reaching the bifurcation - turn right. From here on there are signs for the waterfall -it can be reached either by foot for about 1 hour through the valley or by car, but the road is very rocky and crumbled.