Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Koprenski Falls, Kopilovtsi village

Photos: Tihomir Mladenov


The "Koprenski" waterfalls are located in Western Stara Planina near the Kopren Mount. These are three small waterfalls (The "Durshin Skok", "Voden Skok" and "Lanzhin Skok"). The waterfalls are located in different places in the region and their height varies between 5 and 10 meters.

You can reach it by getting the designated trail. The area abounds with smaller cascades of streams. The best time to visit is after rain.

The "Koprenska" trail starts from the village of Kopilovtsi situated in northern Bulgaria, about 130 km from Sofia. The journey takes about five hours and it is advisable to be made together with a guide.

The trail will take you to the area under the "Kopren" peak. The total length of the route is about 20 km. A part of it passes very near the Serbian border. The trail passes by the" Durshin skok" and "Water skok" waterfalls.