Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Kostenski waterfall, Rila Mountain

Photos: Miroslav Gunov


"Kostenski" Falls is a waterfall in the Rila Mountains, located along the Old (Kostenski) River about three kilometres south of the village Kostenets (above the Kostenets villa zone). The water drops 12 meters. The waterfall was declared a natural wonder in 1974.

The waterfall can be reached easily, starting point is Kostenets. Continue towards the Kostenets villa zone. Just over it, the road comes to a small square at the end of which there is an information sign for the waterfall.

Near the waterfall there are snack bars, hot mineral springs and places good for picnic.

The “Kostenets" Village is situated in South-western Bulgaria, Kostenets Municipality, Sofia district, with a population of approximately 4,000 people. It is a thriving spa resort.

In 1917 Ivan Vazov, inspired by the natural beauty of the surroundings, wrote the book "Junska Kitka", which together with his later poetry cycle "Disonansi"(Dissonances) was published again in 1921 under the title "What the mountain sings". Two poems are dedicated to the "Kostenski" Falls: "Nad Vodopada"(Over the Waterfall) and “Vodopadat Plache"(The Waterfall is Crying).