Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Krushuna Falls, Krushuna village

Photos by  Miroslav Gunov:


“Krushuna” waterfalls (Maarata) are located near the village of Krushuna, Letnitsa municipality, Lovech. This is the biggest water cascade in the country, with many travertine stages, rich of plants and animal species.
For the convenience of the tourists an eco-trail was built, which allows you to enjoy the exquisite sight, inspired by the crystal water and fresh-green vegetation of the area.
The first impression this place creates is like it was a scene of an exotic island movie. The dripping water bears adventure and the streams, formed by the river`s clear water, reassure and comfort.

The main waterfall drops from 20 m. It splits into several branches and creates few other waterfalls.

The air is wet and saturated with water drops. The area is completely impassable. Without the stairs and the trail the source of the waterfall cannot be reached. It is hidden in the eponymous cave. A narrow path that winds into the limestone rock leads to there.

There are many eco -trails that can lead you to the local attractions. The “Devetashka” cave is nearby. You can get there passing the Osam River bridge on the road to the Devetaki village. Take the right river bank. The trail is marked but the marking is inconsistent. The cave`s anteroom is the largest in Europe. The cave itself is the biggest among the 60 caves in the  ​​Devetashko plateau area.

Map of the area: