Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Polska Skakavitsa", Kyustendil district

Водопад Полска Скакавица

Скакавишки водопад

Водопад Полска Скакавица, Кюстендил

Водопад Полска Скакавица

Подножието на водопад Полска Скакавица

Подножието на водопад Полска Скакавица

Vodopad Polska Skakavica

Общ изглед на водопад Полска Скакавица

Начало на водопад Полска скакавица


The "Polska Skakavitsa" waterfall is located in Zemen Mountain, near the town of Zemen and Razhdavitsa village. At an altitude of 700 meters, it is located approximately 80 km away from the capital city of Sofia and 60 km from the town of Pernik.

A small river, passing through the perched village of Polish Skakavitsa, drops down from 70 meters and forms a shallow, but incredibly beautiful waterfall. There are numerous holes in the rock causing the whole area to overgrow with lush vegetation.

The place is reachable by train from the Skakavitsa station and by car through the Razhdavitsa village. To get there by car - from the main road Sofia - Kyustendil take the turn to the village Kopilovtsi after the designated plate. Pass through the villages of Kopilovtsi and Shishkovtzi, and reach the Razhdavitsa village. There is a small crossing through in the center to pass and then continue up on a narrow asphalt road. 10 minutes of climbing the meandering roads and you will see a sign indicating the direction of the waterfall.

It is a cart-road to the waterfall therefore a Jeep / Off-road vehicle might be a good idea. You may also drive up as far as possible and then to walk on foot. You have to walk around 1h and 30min to reach the waterfall.

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