Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Popina Laka", Pirin mountain

Winter photos from Hristo Svinarov:


The waterfall "Popina laka" ( Popinolashki vodopad ) is situated in South Pirin Mountain near the city of Sandanski. The phenomenon is not very big, around 15 m high but is full of water all the year. 

The waterfall is on river "Bashliitsa" ( tributary of the main river "Sandanska Bistritsa" ) and is registered as landmark in the year 1965.

Near the waterfall there are a lot of villas, rest houses and the hut "Yane Sandanski".

To reach the waterfall - drive to the north part of the city Sandanski, there you have to follow the road which goes north in the mountain. After 15km you will reach the area "Popina laka". The waterfall is near the main road and hut "Yane Sandanski"