Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Vlahinski Waterfall, Vlahi village, West Pirin Mountain


The "Vlahinski" Falls is located close to the village of Vlahi, in the west Pirin Mountain. The rocky area and green land make the waterfall very charming. Its height is about 20-25m and the water falls vertically and crashes on a small scale, forming a shallow pond.

The waterfall is easily accessible from Vlahi (about 15 minutes from the village), but getting to Vlahi might be difficult because the path is dirt and no asphalt is laid. Driving off-road cars only is strongly recommended. On entering the town of Kresna, watch for the sign "Vlahi ". The distance from Kresna to Vlahi is about 9 km.

Seeing the waterfalls from below is a memorable experience. To reach the foot, however, you will have to go down the very steep and rocky slope very carefully. It is a slightly extreme adventure, but definitely worth it.

"Canyoning" - abseiling in the water from top to bottom- often takes place here.