Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Borov kamak", Zgorigrad village, Vratsa


"Vratsa Eco-trail" is also known as "Zgorigradska" or eco-trail the "Borov Kamak" (Pine Stone). A walk around takes about two hours and the route isn’t too arduous, except for a few steep sections.

The trail starts from the village of "Zgorigrad" and reaches the "Parshevitza" hut. "Zgorigrad" is located about 6 km  away from Vratsa and  a taxi can be hired from the village.

The trail follows the "Leva" river on the slopes of the Vratsa Balkan. After climbing a system of bridges and stairs it gets to the "Borov Kamak" Falls , which soars some 63 meters. The waterfall was little known and almost inaccessible before the eco-trail was made. Above the waterfall you will find beautiful green meadows with a bench for rest near the river.

From there you can continue to the "Parshevitsa" hut .The descent from the hut to Vratsa lasts about two and a half hours. There is also a shortened route. You can return from the meadow to Zgorigrad along a mountain path. You should be vigilant as the marking of this path is not very good.

Other interesting place you can visit near Vratsa is the "Ledenika" cave.

GPS: lat=43.1517 lon=23.5049

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