Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Samodivsko praskalo", Devin city


The "Stroilski Dol" waterfall or "Samodivskoto Praskalo" (so named by the locals) is among the most beautiful and highest waterfall in the Rhodope Mountains and Bulgaria as a whole. The height of the water drop is about 70 meters, the water falls almost directly sliding on the edges of the rocky hill.

It is situated near the town of Devin, aside from the fabulous eco trail "Lakata" and its waters flow into the Devin River.

The waterfall and the eco-trail provide a great opportunity to hike and walk around the town of Devin. To get there ask the locals to direct you to the "Lakata" and the mineral pools. An eco-trail begins from there, which follows the river and at places passes over scenic bridges.

The waterfall is located on the right of the trail and can be reached by a small path. Note: The trail to the waterfall begins behind a small concrete house and green bridges, on the right of the main trail. Follow the path right of the stream, because there is another on the left, which leads to a site with remains of an old fortress.