Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Dobravishka Skaklia", Dobravitsa village


The "Dobravishka Skaklia" waterfall is easily accessible and is located near the village of Dobravitsa, Svoge municipality. Water drops about 20 meters with the water falling directly from the surrounding rocks. The waterfall is very beautiful and deep in spring and after rains.

It can be reached as follows:

By car - travel to the village of Iskrets, Svoge municipality, from there catch the road to the "Breze" village. After few kilometres down the road look right and be careful of a road that begins just before the little bridge with metal railings, which is on the main road. It is a deviating path with white cement and is easily distinguished.

Here you can leave the car because the road goes on as a cart-road and is only suitable for jeeps and high cars. Continue up the road and you will come to an area with houses, on the road there is a junction with a fountain and old school. Here go right along the road, which then passes between several houses. Walk another 10 min and there’s the waterfall.