Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Goritsa", Ovcharci village, Rila mountain


The “Goritsa” waterfall is one of the seven "Ovcharenski" waterfalls, located at the northern foot of the Rila mountain, near the village Ovchartsi.

An asphalt road starting from the village center, goes to the waterfall. A beautiful trail starts from the "Goritsa" river, crossing picturesque sloping woodland.

The water drops 39 meters. The name of the waterfall derives from a story that took place during the Ottoman period. Goritsa and her beloved Jovitsa lived happily in the village. Goritsa was very beautiful. One day the Turkish governor sent his minions to kidnap her. The young girl fled to the mountains, where Jovica was  herding his sheep. The Turks were about to catch her up and determined not to let that happen, she threw herself from a high rock into the river. The locals named the nearby waterfall and the river after her.

"Goritsa" is a tributary of the flowing into the Struma River - Dzherman river. Its name comes from German, meaning "hot."  From the waterfalls an unmarked trail goes to the pasture, which crosses the “Yurushka cemeteries” saddle and continues to the higher parts of Rila.

GPS: lat=42.2676 / lon=23.2291

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