Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Holy Spirit", Manastir village, Western Rodopi

Photographer: Atanas Balakchiev


You can find this beautiful waterfall near the picturesque village Manastir, in Western Rodopi mountain.
The height of the fall is about 15m and the best period to visit is during the months april - june. The waterfall is situated on the river Manastirska and can be reached with 1,5 km walk from the centre of the village. The waterfall and the area around it is protected area since 1965.

You can visit the waterfall and the nearby small chapels by walking on recently build ecopath with a lot of signs and rest areas. The Manastir village is the highest situated village in the Balkan peninsula at 1500m altitude above the sea level. From the village start a lot of other travel routes in Western Rodopi mountain.

GPS location: N 41.722291 / E 24.849272

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