Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Kazanite", Chavdar village


The  "Kazanite" waterfall is a unique landmark near the village of Chavdar. It is a set of 5 small waterfalls. The “Chavdar” Village is located in Zlatitsa Pirdop-Valley.

“Chavdar” is the smallest municipality in Bulgaria, situated at the foot of Stara Planina.  It is about 70 kilometers away from the capital of Sofia. The cities of Zlatitsa and Pirdop are neighboring. The population runs to 1100 inhabitants. There is no eco-trail to the “Kazanite” .You can be guided to from the local people in the village.

Heading for the "Kazanite" district, the river remains on the left side and there must be meadows in front of you. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the bridge over the river(the river goes down the valley). Make your way over the bridge and continue up the mountain.

There is a small creek to the right that will be your reference point. After about 15 minutes walk you will reach the pavilion above the creek, right there - 20m above, two tributaries unite. Take the right one. Since there is no trail, get the cart -road that follows the creek. 15 minutes further you will reach the meadow with fallen trees.

From there you can go down into the ravine and go up along the creek. The natural phenomenon "Kazanite" is 5 min away.