Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Kotlite", Godech city


The "Kotlite" waterfall is located near the town of Godech. It is on the Dracul River, which crosses the high cliffs and forms three water drops with a total height of about 20m.

To reach it, you must first pass through Bukorovskiya monastery near the village “Tuden”. To the monastery you have to go on foot along a cart- road in the field. The waterfall is located about 200 meters away from the monastery in the steep gully, and is accessible from the left top side. The path to the foot of the waterfall is among the cliffs and is very steep.

There is another temple near-by - the "Razboishte" monastery. This is an old, small, carved into the rock monastery. It can be reached by continuing along the road shortly after the Bukorovskiya Monastery sign and then another 30 minute walk along a dirt road that descends to the Nishava River and an old railway line. The waterfall and the two monasteries can be travelled over within 5-6 hours.