Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Momin Skok", Negovanska (Emenska) eco-trail


The  “Emen” village is situated at the picturesque foot of the Fore Balkans, 20 km. west of Veliko Turnovo and 8 km. away from the Veliko Tarnovo-Sofia highway, near the Emen canyon. It launches a trail that begins with a cave and ends with the enchanting "Momin skok" waterfall, on Negovanka River.

The Negovanska trail is the first trail built on the territory of Bulgaria. In the western part of the Turnovo Hills, Negovanka River which is right tributary of the River Rosica, forms a picturesque gorge, known as the Emen Canyon. Above the 50 meter cliffs wreaths, niches, arches, waterfalls and caves surprise the viewer. Among them is the river canyon.

In 1980 the Emen canyon was declared a protected territory. Stairs and bridges built in the rocks of the gorge facilitate those wishing to get acquainted with the beauties of the region. A magnificent view of the valley opens from the picnic area.

The “Momin skok” waterfall is at the end of the canyon. It is as high as 10 m. Underneath,  it forms a beautiful pond, which is often used for swimming. The trail continues on to Emmen and after about 3 hours reaches back the starting point - the center of the village of Emen - the Negovanka river’s canyon. This vast area includes the villages of Mihaltsi and Emen.

The Canyon, including the lake, is 2 km long and starts directly from the end of the village of Emen continuing in a northeasterly direction. The Canyon is 950 meters long, with its largest and most attractive part the Michalski land. At the beginning of the canyon is the entrance to the Emen cave, connected with the surface with a natural entrance and elevator shaft. The Negovanka" lake, small in size and volume, is a peculiar attraction to the canyon. Looked at from different positions it seems like a natural mountain lake located in a sheltered valley, surrounded by rocks.

The biggest attraction of “Negovanca” canyon is at its narrowest, V-shaped part-  alternating-thresholds, waterfalls, and sheer, up to 80 meters high cliffs. This part ends with the attractive “Momin skok” waterfall, which, along with the entire canyon, was declared a natural wonder.

Grain and fruit-culture are well developed in the region. Recently entrepreneurs have been engaging in tourism and hotel management, beekeeping and rabbit-breeding.

GPS:  lat=43.1427 / lon=25.3713

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