Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Sini vir", Medven village


The "Sini Vir"(The Blue Pool) is the name of a small waterfall located on the Medven River near the village of Medven. The water drops about 3-4 meters, but the rocks and the blue pond, formed by the water, make the place incredibly beautiful.

To reach the waterfall, you must go first through Medven, which is nestled on the southern slopes of Stara Planina Mountain among magnificent virgin forests.

On entering the village follow the signs for  the "Sini Vir" eco-village. After a few cobblestone streets, the road becomes narrow and leads directly to the eco-village. (On the road you will see a sign for the "Sini Vir" trail, which you should pass by). From the "Sini Vir" eco-village begins a path, which goes down. Take the left side of the river. After about 15-20 minutes you will reach the waterfall.

In the gorge of the rocks above the waterfall, there are several small waterfalls and on the river itself, if you keep up more, you'll find the "Skokovete" waterfalls.