Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Skalovitets", Rila Mountain

Photos by Hristo Svinarov:


The "Skalovitets" or the "Skalovitsko dere" waterfall is located at the foothills of Rila Mountain near the village of Kostenets. Its drop is about 20 meters. The waterfall is easily reachable on a trail marked with numerous signs and benches. The trail starts from the "Gurgulitsa" hut, which can be reached by car (passing by the village of Kostenets and Kostenets Villas, then the road leads to a large square with forestry and snack bars where you should go left across the little bridge. Follow the road and you will reach the "Gurgulitsa" hut.)

Near the square is the beautiful Kostenski waterfall on the Stara (Kostenska) River. The water drops 12 meters. There are hot mineral springs near the waterfall.