Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Sveta Ana", Smolichano village


The "Sveta Anna" Waterfall is located in the village of Smolichano, Kyustendil Municipality. The water drops about 15 meters, falling directly from a limestone rock edge. The "Sveta Anna" church is above the waterfall, where there is miraculous fountain water. The waterfall is easily accessible but very overgrown with vegetation and trees.

How to get there: from the main road Kyustendil - Dupnitsa you take the turn to the village of Pelatikovo after the sign. Drive along the road until you pass by the villages of Nedelkova Grashtitsa, Rashka Grashtitsa and Pelatikovo. From the Pelatikovo village the road continues left and climbs up the hill.

After about 5-6 km you will reach the village of Smolichano. The village is quite long and once entered, you must drive along a broken road until you reach a junction with a sign for the Vaksevo village. Keep right and soon you'll see the waterfall and the river, which it runs into.