Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfall "Varovitets", Etropole

The waterfall during the winter: ( photo: Hristo Svinarov )


The "Varovitets" waterfall is a natural phenomenon, with its impressive grandeur and beauty. Its drop is about 15 meters, and its beauty – rare indeed. Its water, impetuous and wild, falls down on few terraces into the bed of the "Malki Iskar" river. Its voice blends with the songs of the birds and filling the fairy woodland. Nearby is Etropole`s monastery "Sveta Troica" ( St. Trinity)- one of the biggest in Bulgaria, situated on the travertine terrace, whose builder is the "Varovitets" waterfall.

You can easily reach the monastery and the waterfall by car. Follow the signs for the monastery at the town of Etropole. It is recommended to visit this waterfall in spring or after rains because the water is plenty and the waterfall is very beautiful.

GPS: lat=42.8239 / lon=24.0384

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