Waterfalls in Bulgaria

The Canyon of Waterfalls, Smolyan city, Rhodope Mountains

Каньона на водопадите през различните сезони:

Каньона на водопадите, Смолян

Каньон на водопадите

Photos: Ivo Nikolov & Hristo Svinarov


The Waterfalls Canyon is located very close to the road to Smolyan on the road to the Mugla Village. Here the river forms a dozen waterfalls, the largest of which were just recently named, with the construction of the eco-path, which facilitates the access to them.

The biggest waterfall is called "Orpheus" and is 68 meters high in spring.  Its water flow is impressive.

Smaller waterfalls like "Sartzeto"(The Heart) and "Kamen Ulei" are also interesting.

To reach the eco-trail it is best to ask the locals. The correct way is from the western suburbs Sredoka on the road to the village of Mugla.  Near-by an old garage there is an exit to the right, where you will see a small sign for the canyon.

Map of the area: