Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Waterfalls "Skokovete", Maglizh city


"Skokovete" thus are called the two waterfalls that are located on the "Selchenska" River, descending through a picturesque gorge above the town of  Maglizh.

The falls were declared a natural wonder in 1965.

To reach them, you must go from the Maglizh bus station north to the area "Barite" or "Baralaka". The road winds along the river until it reaches the northern end of Maglij and the "Baralaka". 

The "Barite" is a wonderful place for recreation - beautiful lawns, pavilions and benches, sparkling waterfalls. From the meadow`s top, to the right side of the bridge, begins the trail to the waterfalls.

The "Golemia Skok"(The Big Drop) waterfall is located about 40 minutes away along fearsome cliffs, shady glades and pools, and after crossing the river several times. Its height is about 15m.

The "Malkia Skok"(The Little Drop) is a fall before the big fall and is a small pool formed by a drop.

It is advisable to visit the waterfalls at late spring and summer otherwise the river is very deep and difficult to cross.