Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Zagrazhden Falls

Photos: Margarita Sotirova


The "Zagrazhden" Village is located in Banite Municipality and is situated 1300m above sea level on the border between Western and Eastern Rhodopes. Most easily it can be reached from the road Smolyan - Asenovgrad, turning left towards Laki city and Crastova Gora.

Then pass over the bifurcation for Crastova gora and reach the Belitsa village (where you pass by another waterfall - "Gyumberzhiyata" - watch carefully on the right, it is visible from the road).

A road under repairs follows so be careful and drive slowly. On reaching the Zagrazhden village you can ask the locals for directions.

The eco-trail is very beautiful with many wooden bridges over the Zagrazhden River. There are numerous water pads with the biggest waterfalls the "Chistilishteto"(Purgatory) and "Kozarnika".