Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Zarapovski Falls, Vishovgrad city


"Zarapovski" waterfall is small but very beautiful with approximate height of only 15m. It is situated in the land of Vishovgrad city, in a newly build eco-trail "( geo-complex ) "Zarapovo".

There are some places for rest and 2-3 bridges around the area of the waterfall from where you can admire the beauty of the falling water. The place is good for a small rest or to combine with other waterfall in the area - the "Momin Skok" waterfall near the village of Emen.

To go to "Zarapovski" waterfall you have to drive from Emen village to Vishovgrad city. Before the city on one left turn you will see big white signs about the Geo-complex Zarapovo and the waterfall. The eco-trail starts just behind those signs.